Kazoku Kettering and Corby Shotokan Karate

Masao Kawasoe Sensei, 8th Dan

Masao Kawasoe was born in 1945, his father was a Japanese businessman and he has two brothers. His parents stay in Kyushu in the south of Japan. Kawasoe Sensei now resides in London and has done for over 19 years. He began his martial arts training in judo and at the age of 15 saw a karate demonstration. This so impressed him he started looking to find a dojo to train. One of his first instructors was the world famous Tysuama Sensei, who’s home was in the same town, Saga City. Training through his high school and then going to the famous karate University of Takushoku, he continued to train with Tysuama Sensei

This training took the form of 6 days per week, 3 hours per day for 4 years. During this time he was spotted by the Japan Karate Association and invited to take full time JKA instructors course under Nakayama Sensei. He successfully completed this over the next 3 years. Upon graduating as an international JKA instructor, Nakayama Sensei said of him:

“Through his mastery of karate basics he has come to reach a level few achieve, his technique inspires all who see it to strive for the ideals of Shotokan Karate.”

High honour indeed from the head of the JKA. He then taught in Taiwan and Madagascar before coming to Britain in 1974. His dedication to tradition, quality and manners is universally acknowledged, with few able to perform the physical demands he makes of himself. He has a world-wide following of senior students who have been with him and followed tradition by developing and teaching excellent Shotokan Karate. Long may this continue and, in his own words:

” I am lucky to have good karate, but even more I am lucky to have good students to carry it forward. My wish is to leave something worthwhile behind for everyone. My life is then complete.”