Kazoku Kettering and Corby Shotokan Karate



Grading - Kyu Grades

Montsaye Academy, Rothwell - times to be announced


Open Course with Matt Price Sensei

Montsaye Academy, Rothwell

10:00 to 12:00


Open Course with Simon Oliver Sensei

Montsaye Academy, Rothwell - time to be announced


Simon Oliver Sensei Course

29 Sep 2018

Fantastic course today with Simon Oliver Sensei, a real eye opener into a whole new world of karate away from grading and competition.

Matt Price Sensei Course

19 May 2018

A big thank you to everyone who was able to attend our open kata and kumite course with Matt Sensei who is with out doubt one of the best karate instructors in the country.

JKA International Course at K2 Crawley

2 Dec 2017

Members of SKC were lucky enough to train with three of the best karate instructors in the world, Osaka Sensei, 8th Dan, Ueda Sensei, 4th Dan, both of whom came over from Japan for the course and Ohta Sensei, head of JKA England.

Dan Grading

21 May 2017

Well done to Amy Binder, John Mannagan and Ksenija Gnennijs for passing their 1st dan black grading, and Dmitrijs Gnennijs and Emma Binder for passing their 2nd dan grading.

Jordan Thomas Kumite Course

25 March 2017, Wellingborough

Recently, our club was very lucky to have a special visit from Jordan Thomas, England’s first karate world champion for twelve years. Jordan delivered two exciting sessions for us. The first warmed everyone up in a fun, functional and focused way before working on the basic skills needed to be successful in competition. We then enjoyed some great, fun drills that got everyone working together.

Before the second session, Jordan held a Q & A session and talked in depth about his inspiring karate journey, from a four year-old all the way to achieving the title of world champion. The second session included some excellent kicking and punching drills, and an opportunity to watch Jordan demonstrate his speed and skill. This really showed the students, both young and not so young, the level that can be reached with hard work and commitment.

The session ended too soon but Jordan was happy to stay and chat, and sign students sparring gloves. Thank you to all who attended this fantastic and inspirational event, and of course we are very grateful to Jordan for giving us an insight into his karate journey so far. We hope to welcome Jordan back in the winter.

Kettering win gold at JKA NATIONALS

Well done to Denis Barna pictured who won gold for individual kata and bronze in kumite and was also lucky to meet Ohta Sensei. Great work by Dylan Hughes who won Silver in the boys under 13yrs kata.

Charity Kata Competition

Thank you to everyone who took part in our charity kata competition ,we raised £1450 for Cancer Research and Heart Link. Pictured is Mick Dainty wife Mary collecting the cheque recently at our Thursday evening Ise pavilion class.